Utility Experiences with Residential EV Rates

February 4, 2020
11:00 AM PST/ 2:00 PM EST
60 Minutes
Utility Experiences with Residential EV Rates

With accelerating EV growth expected, unmanaged EV charging during system peaks could undermine conservation and efficiency measures and result in expensive – and avoidable – system upgrades and investments. But don’t be daunted by preparing for residential electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

You can gather best practices for your own program directly from AEP, Austin Energy and Braintree Light who have already helped customers develop beneficial off-peak charging habits early on. Better yet, you’ll learn how those utilities developed a rate customers actually want. Each has implemented pilot or full-scale EV time-varying rate programs, which is an essential first step in developing a long-term utility EV strategy.

You will also learn about: 

  • Successful marketing strategies for utilities pursuing residential EV time-varying rates
  • Features of effective time-varying rates contributing to the highest EV customer enrollment
  • Various utility approaches to residential EV metering
  • The interest of enrolled drivers in participating and identifying how to appeal to non-enrolled drivers to participate in rate programs
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