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The Smart Electric Power Alliance is dedicated to making sure you get the information and education you need to prepare for a grid of the future. We’ve made it easy for you by breaking down key sessions by technology to make sure you get an even spread or you can focus your time in one area.


DER Integration

Unpacking the Future of EVsTuesday, Sept. 2511:00am – 12:00pm204B
Reimagining Innovation in the Utility of the FutureTuesday, Sept. 252:30pm – 3:30pm 207AB
Distributed Energy Resource Management SystemsTuesday, Sept. 252:30pm – 3:30pm205AB
Walking Session: EV Driving SessionTuesday, Sept. 254:00pm – 5:00pmRide and Drive
SEPA’s Demand Response SnapshotWednesday, Sept. 2610:30am – 11:00amIndustry Trends (Exhibit Hall)
Microgrid ‘enomics – Defining the Business OpportunitiesWednesday, Sept. 262:30pm – 4:00pm207CD
The Roles of Storage and DER in Disaster Recovery and ResilienceWednesday, Sept. 262:30pm – 4:00pm204B
Plug & Play DER Challenge – Visionary InteroperabilityWednesday, Sept. 263:20pm – 4:50pm203AB
Walking Session: In Front of the MeterThursday, Sept. 278:00am – 9:00am206AB


Addressing Grid Challenges and Economic Impacts of Higher Solar GenenrationTuesday, Sept. 259:30am – 10:30am207CD
SEPA’s Solar Market SnapshotTuesday, Sept. 2511:30am – 12:00pmIndustry Trends (Exhibit Hall)
Making Community Solar Projects FinanceableTuesday, Sept. 254:00pm – 5:00pm207CD
Solar Manufacturing: What Tariffs and New Factories MeanWednesday, Sept. 269:30am – 10:30am206AB
Income Trends of Residential Solar AdoptersWednesday, Sept. 2611:00am – 11:30am205AB

Energy Storage

Expectations for the Economics of Energy StorageTuesday, Sept. 259:30am – 10:30am204B
Market Outlook on Solar and StorageTuesday, Sept. 259:30am – 10:30am206AB
SEPA’s Energy Storage SnapshotTuesday, Sept. 2511:00am – 12:00pmStorage Central (Exhibit Hall)
Residential Energy Storage OutlookTuesday, Sept. 251:00pm – 2:00pm204B
Value Stacking and Finance InnovationsTuesday, Sept. 252:30pm – 3:30pm204B
Drivers of Utility Scale Solar and StorageTuesday, Sept. 254:00pm – 5:00pm207AB
C&I Storage – Demand Management, Power Quality, and ResilienceTuesday, Sept. 254:00pm – 5:00pm204B
PV + Storage – A Path to Reliable, Fully Dispatchable SolarWednesday, Sept. 2611:30am – 12:00pmTBD
Principles and Priorities for the Evolution of Solar and Energy Storage, CompensationWednesday, Sept. 261:00pm – 2:00pm207AB
Replicating PV + Storage Solutions: Scalable Applications for UtilitiesWednesday, Sept. 261:00pm – 2:00pm204B
The Roles of Storage and DER in Disaster Recovery and ResilienceWednesday, Sept. 262:30pm – 4:00pm204B


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