A SEPA Bootcamp

Hydrogen Fundamentals | 3-Part Course

Seven hours of live learning with a top-rated instructor that will provide critical understanding and professional development.

October 12, 2021 | 2 – 4:20 p.m. ET

The Initial Push for Hydrogen

Industrial, Transportation and Long-term Storage; the Chemistry (Advantages & Challenges); Technology, Costs and Current Applications

October 15, 2021 | 2 – 4:20 p.m. ET

 Green Hydrogen from Creation to Consumption

Electrolyzer, Transportation, Storage Technologies, Costs, and Challenges; and Electric Power Grid Applications

October 19, 2021 | 2 – 4:20 p.m. ET

Government Programs Driving Scale

Grid Applications Use Cases and Proposed Projects; and What to Watch for in the Coming Years

An Introduction to Hydrogen – Applications, Technological Challenges, and Long-Term Potential

A recent report from the Hydrogen Council identified projects with over $500 billion invested, including 131 large-scale projects announced between February and July 2021.  The greatest interest is in green hydrogen – produced from water using renewable energy, although blue hydrogen projects are also underway involving carbon capture and storage.  As project volumes increase, costs along the hydrogen value chain continue to fall. In some markets – especially where carbon pricing improves the overall economic profile – green hydrogen may become cost-competitive with fossil fuels as early as 2035. Join SEPA and Peter Kelly-Detwiler a deeper understanding of the key issues related to the emerging role of hydrogen in the evolving energy economy.

Seats are available first-come-first-serve to the first 50 professionals to ensure an interactive environment. 

After completing this course you will understand:

  • What Hydrogen means for our clean energy transition
  • What the key technological hurdles, applications, and resulting economics are – especially in the electric power grid
  • If the long-awaited hydrogen economy is nearly here

Meet Your Instructor

Your instructor is Peter Kelly-Detwiler, a strategist and communicator on the rapid pace of transformation to a sustainable energy economy with over 300 articles published on Forbes.com.

Peter Kelly-Detwiler

Co-founder, NorthBridge Energy Partners, LLC

Peter Kelly-Detwiler

Peter Kelly-Detwiler has 30 years of experience in the electric energy arena, with much of his career in various areas of competitive power markets.  He’s a former SVP at Constellation Energy, having run their Demand Response Group.  He’s currently a strategist and communicator in the electric industry, focused on the rapid pace of transformation to a sustainable energy economy.  Peter has written over 300 pieces on the topic for Forbes.com and other publications.  He offers numerous keynotes and workshops on a wide range of topics from offshore wind to batteries to the drivers of technological change.  He provides strategic advice to clients and investors, helping them to navigate this transitional period.

He is currently writing a book on the transformation of electric power markets, called “The Energy Switch,” to be published by Prometheus Books in the Spring of 2021.

Past Bootcamp Attendees Say

Lowell Watros

“Great fast-paced course that took my understanding of DERs to a higher, more productive level”

- Lowell Watros, Project Coordinator, GridSME

Nirel Gramage

“I attended the SEPA DER Bootcamp and learned a ton! Thanks so much for teaching the material in a fun and engaging way, with lots of great, relatable examples”

- Nirel Gramage, Product Manager, Data, Energy Hub


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