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Guidelines for Use of OpenFMB™ Trademark

These guidelines describe the proper use of the OpenFMB™ trademark, which is owned by SGIP 2.0, Inc. (“SGIP”).

 OpenFMB™ is an architectural framework for distributed intelligent nodes interacting with each other through loosely coupled, peer -to-peer messaging for fielded devices and systems at the grid edge. The OpenFMB™ framework provides a specification for power systems field devices to leverage a non-proprietary and standards-based reference architecture, which consists of internet protocol (IP) networking and Internet of Things (IoT) messaging protocols.

OpenFMBTM was ratified as a standard by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) in March of this year. For more information on how the framework can help utilities create communication between devices at the grid edge, visit the new OpenFMBTM Collaboration Site. The site also offers free OpenFMBTM code, along with use cases, wikis, a blog, useful links, and a community of thought leaders.

SGIP is currently developing certification standards and procedures for OpenFMB™. After finalization of these standards and procedures, you will need to be certified by SGIP or SGIP’s agent to continue to use the OpenFMB™ trademark. Until these standards are finalized, you may use the OpenFMB™ trademark to indicate you are developing products or services under this standard, subject to the following:

  1. You will use the mark as “OpenFMB™” and prominently include the following sentence: “OpenFMB™ is a trademark of SGIP 2.0, Inc.”. You must also include a link to SGIP’s OpenFMBTM web page.
  1. You may not use any domain name, social network page, company name, or product name that incorporates or that is confusingly similar to “OpenFMB,” unless SGIP has specifically agreed to this use in a written, signed agreement with you. You also may not use “OpenFMB” as metatags for your web pages.
  1. You may not use any logos or other graphic or stylized depictions that include “OpenFMBTM” unless authorized in writing by NDG. All use of logos and other graphic depictions must be in the form(s) provided by SGIP. Please contact SGIP for the latest specific logo files and formats. The following general guidelines apply:
    • The OpenFMB™ logo should be implemented as a link to the main OpenFMB™ page maintained by SGIP
    • The OpenFMB™ logo must be of high quality and proper proportions
    • The logo must not be used as primary branding for a website or other marketing materials
  1. You should take appropriate steps to avoid portraying your organization as representing or being endorsed by SGIP, and you should minimize the chance of your customers and distributors from making such association.