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It’s All About Mapping: A New Look to the Utility Solar Database

For years, the Solar Electric Power Association has accumulated a wealth of utility data through surveys and subject-matter research in forms of spreadsheets and reports. The Utility Solar Database, debuted in December 2013, was created to provide a central, transparent location for members to access and benefit from our broad range of work efforts, big and small.

To date, the database now contains 373 utilities, including utility solar news and programs, updates on large-scale projects, RFPs, and reports…the list grows every month.

The best part about the USD? It’s free for members. Anyone in your organization can access this tool, 24-7.

Non-members can purchase a subscription to the USD. For more information, please contact Ruth Hupart at [email protected].

New Feature in USD 1.1: Map View
We are excited to announce the release of USD 1.1, including a new Map View feature, allowing users to search geographically. It is an enhancement to the current Table View for searching and sorting information by topic and utility.

The geographical filtering of utility information allows users to locate what they are looking for simply by zooming in on a specific state or region. See example below:

  1. 1.    Choose a state from the main page (i.e. California)
  2. Blog Map View
  1. 2. Click on the state to zoom in for utility data on that topic

  2. Blog California View
  1. 3. Table below the map sorts and displays relevant information

  2. Blog Chart View


Request a demo of this new feature at [email protected]. Full access of the detailed information is, of course, reserved just for SEPA members and USD subscribers.

SEPA has further updates to the USD in the works. Stay tuned for future announcements!