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New SGIP White Paper Addresses Smart Grid Security with Broadcast Communications

Ensuring reliability when insecure broadcast communications threaten a smart grid system

WAKEFIELD, Mass., March 7, 2017 – SGIP today announced the release of a free white paper that addresses the issue of system security for smart grid broadcast communications. Smart Grid System Security with Broadcast Communications was published by the Home/Building/Industry-to-Grid Domain Expert Working Group (H/B/I2G DEWG) at SGIP.

The white paper is for utilities, energy service providers and vendors of energy management equipment. It explains how home-based devices can authenticate the sources of broadcast messages.

“Communications with devices at the grid edge is a necessary component for interoperability, but it could be compromised,” said Aaron Smallwood, Vice President, Technology, SGIP. “By understanding the cybersecurity risks associated with broadcast communications and how to protect against them, smart grids can be made more secure.”

Broadcast messages are sent from utilities to home-based devices to manage energy consumption with demand-response programs. The white paper reviews industry requirements and government guidelines that help maintain the integrity of those messages. Furthermore, readers will learn about physical security related to broadcast communications, as well as counter measures against various types of cyber-attacks.

“The H/B/I2G DEWG considers cybersecurity with broadcast communications an important issue,” said Dr. Kenneth Wacks, chair of the working group. “This is the third paper we have published in a series on broadcast communications. It provides a methodical examination of cybersecurity risks, tools, and cost-effective solutions for broadcast communications.”

The white paper is available free of charge from the SGIP website.

The public is invited to register for the SGIP-hosted webinar on this white paper, March 16, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time.

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