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October Update

Upcoming OpenFMBTM Demonstration at the 2016 Grid Modernization Summit

OpenFMBTM has some major news planned for the 2016 Grid Modernization Summit: We will be launching the SGIP OpenFMBTM Collaboration site. The SGIP OpenFMBTM Collaboration site is an online resource that has everything needed to get started with OpenFMBTM. We’ve talked with many in the industry who have wanted to explore OpenFMBTM themselves, in their labs, and set up implementations to see how OpenFMBTM can be used to address their business needs – and the new SGIP OpenFMBTM Collaboration site is the best way to start. The official launch date for the SGIP OpenFMBTM Collaboration site is November 7th.

The SGIP OpenFMBTM Collaboration site will include three types of OpenFMB™ code:

  • OpenFMB™ Developer’s Toolkit with a downloadable, turnkey executable file containing a simplified example of the Microgrid Demo shown at DistribuTECH 2016 and based on the NAESB OpenFMB reference implementation
  • A full version of OpenFMB™ including adapters (DNP3, Modbus, etc.) available in MQTT, DDS and AMQP
  • A Do-It-Yourself set of OpenFMB™ code for advanced users that is configurable, includes security extensions, supports multiple instances, includes load simulators, and more.

In addition to experiencing the SGIP OpenFMBTM Collaboration site at the Summit, attendees of the Vendor Expo will walk through an area where SGIP OpenFMBTM participants are using the collaboration site’s OpenFMBTM code to show how they use OpenFMBTM with their products and services.

October 18 OpenFMB webinar

For more information about the upcoming OpenFMB™ demonstration at the 2016 Grid Modernization Summit, you can watch a replay of the SGIP Grid Modernization Summit OpenFMB™ Demo Preview from October 18. Dr. Stuart Laval, Manager of Technology Development at Duke Energy, and I provided an overview of OpenFMB™, our new OpenFMBTM DER Circuit Segment Management use case, the SGIP OpenFMBTM Collaboration site, and how you can get involved.

OpenFMB Repository Webinar on November 17

We will be hosting another webinar providing a deeper look at the SGIP OpenFMBTM Collaboration site on November 17. This is for anyone interested in learning more about the Collaboration site.  SGIP participants who are OpenFMBTM experts and developers will be providing a detailed look and explanation of the online resources available on the OpenFMBTM Collaboration Site.

Orange ButtonSM Update

To continue the progress made on the DOE’s Orange Button initiative this far, we will be holding an Orange ButtonSM face-to-face meeting on Wednesday, October 26th, from 9am – 4pm MST at the NREL facilities in Golden, Colorado.

This is an in-person working session for Orange Button Area A Requirements Workgroup participants. We will be finalizing Orange Button use cases and consolidating market requirements to build the Orange Button Market Requirements Document.

There is still time to register – please click here.