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SEPA Announces Member Discount for PowerClerk Online Solar Incentive Program Management Tool

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) announced the PowerClerk® Discount Program, which provides the organization’s members with a substantial discount on a unique online incentive program management tool for renewable energy programs. To date, more than 130,000 PV incentive applications representing 2.5 GW of solar capacity have been processed through PowerClerk.

“SEPA is constantly looking for new ways to support its members’ efforts to increase the amount of solar energy in the national portfolio,” said SEPA President and CEO Julia Hamm. “That is why we are working with Clean Power Research, the maker of PowerClerk software, to offer our members a discount on this valuable resource. PowerClerk can help our members run their programs more efficiently, which results in benefits to the program manager, the local solar installation community, and the end customer.”

PowerClerk was designed from the ground-up to support renewable energy incentive programs administered by electric utilities and state agencies. By streamlining incentive management—from automated application processing, to real-time reporting and program analysis—PowerClerk helps program managers reduce administrative costs and increase customer satisfaction.

“When Tom Hoff, the founder of Clean Power Research, created PowerClerk more than six years ago, he knew it could dramatically improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of running an incentive program,” said Jeff Ressler, president of software services at Clean Power Research. “Today, PowerClerk has demonstrated those capabilities across more than fifty programs nationwide, handling applications for more than 2.5 GW of PV and other renewable technologies. SEPA’s PowerClerk Discount Program will make PowerClerk accessible and affordable to utilities of any size so they can achieve similar results.”

“We have a very successful PV incentive program with high customer demand,” said John Hargrove, manager of Energy Efficiency and Conservation at NV Energy. “PowerClerk handles that demand smoothly, even on our busiest days. In fact, we set a PowerClerk record for application traffic in a single day, and made our stakeholders happy with a reliable and effective application process.”

SEPA members who sign up for PowerClerk before April 2013 are eligible for a 15 percent discount on the annual license fee.

For more information about the PowerClerk Discount Program, contact Ryan Schoenike at [email protected] or 202.559.2032.

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