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SEPA Grid Evolution Summit Brings Top Energy Execs and Policy Makers to D.C.

Grid planning, EVs and DER integration lead agenda

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The future of the energy industry is on the grid edge — where technology and innovation are accelerating exponentially, customer demand for new energy choices is changing, and utilities and regulators are racing to keep up.

All these trends will be core topics at the Smart Electric Power Alliance’s (SEPA) Grid Evolution Summit, July 9-12, in Washington, D.C.  This year’s conference will provide both high-level discussions with thought leaders from across the industry, and practical problem-solving sessions on the future of the grid, the impact of distributed energy resources (DERs) and the evolution of business models to support and drive change.

The summit will offer energy journalists a range of story possibilities: fast-turnaround pieces, interviews with top energy executives and policy makers, and background on larger trend or investigative pieces. The full agenda and speakers list are available here. Conference highlights include:

  • The big picture: A keynote address by energy visionary Jeremy Rifkin. Rifkin is author of “The Third Industrial Revolution,” a widely influential book looking ahead to the convergence of energy, communications, and transportation and logistics technologies via the Internet of Things.
  • The EV Power Hour: A series of three, linked workshops exploring how the electrification of transportation could change the utility industry, from electric vehicles’ (EV) use as grid assets, to EV revenue and infrastructure models. Featured speakers include:
    • Brett Hauser, CEO of Greenlots
    • Jim Bruce, Senior Vice President and Chief Energy Policy Officer at UPS
    • Anne Rendahl, Commissioner, Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission.
  • Planning for a smart, clean, distributed grid: First-day roundtables will chart the evolution of grid planning and how to turn visions of the future into solid roadmaps to get there. Sessions will focus on lessons learned from Puerto Rico, negotiating technological disruptions and policy uncertainties, and the opportunities and tradeoffs involved in integrating DERs onto the grid. Featured speakers will include:
    • Jose Roman Morales, Acting Chair of the Puerto Rico Energy Commission
    • Asim Haque, Chair, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
    • Steve Wemple, Director, Utility of the Future, Consolidated Edison

SEPA will help arrange interviews and provide working space for journalists.  For media registration, contact K Kaufmann, Communications Manager, [email protected] or 202-379-1637.