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SEPA and PLMA Looking for Non-Wires Alternative Project Experiences for Case Study

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The need to replace aging electric grid infrastructure amidst rapidly evolving utility roles, customer demands and improved distributed energy resource (DER) technology is clear.  Utilities – and others – are exploring lower cost, higher consumer and environmental benefit solutions with non-wire alternatives (NWA).

To address the ambiguity surrounding this proliferating trend, the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and the Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA), with funding from E4TheFuture, have launched an industry-wide call for nominations to compile the knowledge and experiences of those working on NWA projects in order to gather lessons learned. These will later be shared with the broader industry in a public report released later this year.

“The possibility for utilities to meet changing system needs without traditional transmission and distribution upgrades opens up myriad options for the future grid,” said Steve Cowell, President, E4TheFuture. “A key obstacle to achieving such possibilities is proving non-wires alternatives viability and applicability. While many projects exist in the nation, there is a lack of information sharing, which means most publicly available details are anecdotal. The resulting report will aim to fill that knowledge gap for potentially greater industry replication.”

SEPA and PLMA are looking for:

  • Considerations when deciding to take a non-wires approach to grid infrastructure upgrades.
  • Success factors and challenge points from both a strategic/policy and tactical/operational perspective.
  • Individual project drivers, proven practices, and project metrics.

Submissions for consideration in this public study are due no later than May 15. Projects of all sizes and completeness – in progress, incomplete, unsuccessful – are encouraged to submit. Following the deadline, a yet-to-be-finalized Peer Review Group of experts will select projects to explore more deeply through detailed interviews. Get more information and submit why a NWA project should be considered for inclusion here.

The final report will be published by SEPA, PLMA and E4TheFuture in November 2018. Results will also be shared at upcoming in-person SEPA and PLMA events and via public webinars.

SEPA Media contact: Mike Kruger, [email protected], 202.280.1556
PLMA Media contact: Ed Thomas, [email protected], 707.652.5333
NWA Research contact: Brenda Chew, [email protected], 202.753.8955

About PLMA

PLMA (Peak Load Management Alliance) is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 as the Voice of Demand Response Practitioners. It is a community of experts and practitioners dedicated to sharing knowledge and providing resources to promote inclusiveness in the design, delivery, technology, and management of solutions addressing energy and natural resource integration. Learn more at

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About E4TheFuture

E4TheFuture is a nonprofit organization advancing clean, efficient energy solutions. Advocating for smart policy with an emphasis on residential solutions is central to E4TheFuture’s strategy. “E4” means: promoting clean, efficient Energy; growing a low-carbon Economy; ensuring low-income residents can access clean, efficient, affordable energy (Equity); restoring a healthy Environment for people, prosperity and the planet. Dedicated to bringing clean, efficient energy home for every American, E4TheFuture’s endowment and primary leadership come from Conservation Services Group whose operating programs were acquired in 2015 by CLEAResult. Visit

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