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SEPA Social media alert: @Utilitysolar is now @SEPAPower

On April 11, the Solar Electric Power Association will officially change its name to the Smart Electric Power Alliance — so you can still call us SEPA.

The name change also comes with new account names for our social media channels. As of Friday, April 8, the SEPA Twitter and Instagram handles have become @SEPAPower. Our Facebook account will be Smart Electric Power Alliance, but you should be able to find us by searching on SEPAPower.

The good news is, all our followers and friends on these platforms won’t have to do a thing. If you followed or friended us before, we’ll still be on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds. The only thing you have to remember is to use our new account name when tweeting, gramming or posting to us.

To get you started, here are links to our renamed accounts: