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SEPA Statement on Paris Climate Agreement

Julia Hamm, President and CEO of the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), has issued the following statement on the adoption of the Paris climate agreement:

“The historic climate agreement reached in Paris on Dec. 12 presents tremendous opportunities and challenges to all stakeholders across the U.S. energy sector to build on our country’s leadership role in the global response to climate change. Certainly, solar and other distributed energy technologies will be central to reaching U.S. climate goals going forward, as will utility knowledge and expertise, and cross-industry cooperation and collaboration.

“The Solar Electric Power Association is committed to creating an open platform that allows utilities, consumers, regulators, and solar and other distributed technology providers to work together. We also recognize, in line with the Paris agreement, that for solutions to have the desired impacts, they must be flexible and regional.

“Hopefully, the sense of urgency and optimism so evident in Paris will inspire us all to develop the new technologies, business models and regulatory frameworks needed to build the reliable, affordable, sustainable energy system the agreement envisions, here and around the world.”

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