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SEPA’s 51st State initiative receives a Keystone Leadership Award

Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and its 51st State Initiative have been named as the winner of the Keystone Policy Center’s 2016 Leadership in Energy Award.

The 51st State Initiative, launched in 2014, has two fundamental goals:

  1. To create equitable business models and integrated grid structures to ensure that electricity is safe, reliable, efficient, affordable and clean
  2. To meet customer demand in the near and long term for solar and other distributed energy options.

Phase I started with bold visions of the U.S. energy future. Phase II drew practical roadmaps with clear paths to turn the vision into a reality.

Phase III will facilitate direct assistance to states looking to transition toward market structures and program offerings that leverage distributed energy resources in a proactive manner.

“The 51st State, an initiative of the Smart Electric Power Alliance, is pioneering an innovative and collaborative approach to one of the most significant issues facing the energy sector today — the way that energy is bought, sold, and consumed,” said Christine Scanlan, President and CEO of the Keystone Policy Center. “The 51st State’s approach, consistent with Keystone’s mission, is an example to the energy industry and other sectors on how collaboration and cooperation help stakeholders work toward and reach higher common ground.”

Founded in 1975, the Keystone Policy Center is dedicated to promoting collaborative policy solutions and reaching common ground when all other efforts have failed. The center’s Keystone awards specifically honor leaders and decision-makers who embody the organization’s core belief that lasting results are crafted by considering diverse perspectives and building consensus.

SEPA President and CEO Julia Hamm will receive the 51st State award from former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter at a June 8th event in Washington, D.C.

“Two factors make the 51st State unique,” Hamm said. “First are the people engaged in the initiative. I am continually impressed by the diversity of perspectives and level of effort contributed, from the authors of 51st State concept papers and roadmaps, to the top energy leaders who have contributed to the intensive and challenging discussions at various forums we’ve held over the past 18 months. Second is the fact that our efforts are not influenced by any specific policy consideration, industry perspective or regulatory goal. This is truly an open process that seeks to provide the foundation and the tools for change in markets across the country.”

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