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September Update

Orange Button℠ Area A Requirements Working Group F2F at SPI
The Orange Button℠ Area A Requirements Working Groups had an in-person meeting at Solar Power International in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday, September 15, 2016. Over 30 participants met to continue to developing market requirements and use cases while coordinating and sharing information across all Orange Button Working Groups. The next Orange Button in-person meeting will be held October 26th at NREL’s facility in Golden, Colorado.
In case you missed it, there was an Orange Button Program Update public webinar on August 30, 2016. Click here for the presentation materials and audio from the webinar.


OpenFMB™ In-Person Meeting August 24 at Duke Energy
The OpenFMB™ team held a face-to-face meeting on August 24th at Duke Energy’s Mt. Holly facility. We finalized the use case and execution plan for the live OpenFMB demonstration during the Vendor Expo at SGIP’s 2016 Grid Modernization Summit in November.
Several noteworthy discussions took place, including a walk-through of the OpenFMB Online Repository beta site by John Camilleri of Green Energy Corporation. The repository will host publicly available OpenFMB code for those who are interested in downloading and installing their own OpenFMB implementation.  The site will also have an OpenFMB framework walk-through, a developer’s kit, OpenFMB reference information, use cases, and related UML.  We’re planning for the site to be developed and available by the SGIP Grid Modernization Conference in November.
Duke Energy also provided a very informative tour of their Mt. Holly facility, where they have implemented OpenFMB on a circuit segment that includes among other things solar resources, energy storage, and an EV charging station. Our thanks and appreciation to Duke Energy for hosting the OpenFMB F2F meeting and for the tour.