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SGIP Turns Heads at Record-breaking DistribuTECH Conference

DistribuTECH was already one of the world’s largest electric energy conferences, but when more than 13,500 people filled the San Diego Event Center in San Diego, California from January 31 to February 2, 2017, it was a new record for the annual event. SGIP wasn’t just another face in the crowd, as it held important meetings and shared new developments from its community.

The conference, which focuses on advanced metering, asset management, data analytics and more, started a day early for SGIP when the Grid Management Working Group met on January 30 at the convention center. The team discussed managing a more complex grid due to the rapid rise of DERs.

On January 31, before the conference started, SGIP CEO and President hosted a breakfast with Julia Hamm, CEO and President of the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA). In the meeting, Allan and Hamm announced their intent to merge their two organizations under the SEPA brand.

The two organizations share many members, with SGIP focusing on technological advancements and grid operations while SEPA specializes in market research, events and advisory services. Together SGIP and SEPA and complement each other and provide a robust portfolio of services to the electric energy industry.

When the exhibit floor opened, SGIP staff were ready and available in booth 2350 to discuss SGIP focus areas, membership, and the benefits of the intent to merge with SEPA.

The OpenFMBTM Working Group met a couple days later to discuss upcoming milestones.

SGIP’s presence at the conference went far beyond its staff, because member organizations also presented, discussed, and shared their latest breakthroughs in grid modernization. SGIP would like to thank all its members who attended DistribuTECH and showed the momentum of the SGIP’s community.

Allan (left) and Aaron Smallwood, VP of Technology, SGIP, at the SGIP booth
Teresa Hansen, editor in chief at Pennwell (center), Allan (left) and Hamm (right)
Sunrise on last day of conference
The SGIP booth

DistribuTECH and SEPA Cover the SEPA/SGIP Intent to Merge

At a breakfast briefing on February 31, during DistribuTECH 2017, SGIP CEO and President Sharon Allan and Julia Hamm, CEO and President of the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), announced their intent to merge under the SEPA brand and organizational umbrella.

DistribuTECH and SEPA covered the news with separate articles, explaining how SGIP’s focus on technology and operations will cross pollinate with SEPA’s market research, events and advisory services. You can read the DistribuTECH article by clicking here and the SEPA article by published in Utility Dive clicking here.

Sign for the breakfast
Slide at the breakfast
Hamm (left) and Allan (right)
Hamm (left) and Allan (right)
Allan (left) and Hamm (right)