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SGIP White Paper Offers Insights to Upgrading Transactive Energy Systems

The resource explores transactive energy systems and integrating distributed energy resources

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – Dec. 15, 2016 SGIP today announced the release of a white paper to help utilities, regulators, and policymakers advance their understanding of transactive energy (TE) and how it can help integrate distributed energy resources (DER) in smart grids. Transactive Energy Application Landscape Scenarios is a free resource from SGIP’s Transactive Energy Coordination Group. It examines the application of transactive techniques to different grid operational scenarios, which include business functions, actors in different smart grid application domains and more.

The GridWise Architecture Council’s TE Framework defines TE as “a system of economic and control mechanisms that allows the dynamic balance of supply and demand across the entire electrical infrastructure using value as a key operational parameter.” It’s important for integrating DER, as well as distribution-level operations, grid efficiency and more.

“With this new white paper, smart grid stakeholders can better see some of the possibilities that come with TE,” said Aaron Smallwood, Vice President, Technology at SGIP. “As DER penetration continues to be a major driving force for interoperability, TE concepts can provide reliability and efficiency to advancing grids.”

The white paper provides six high-level, operational scenarios that together outline an electric grid landscape in which a TE system operates. These provide insights that can help align stakeholders, describe interoperability gaps, aid in developing reference architectures, and identify opportunities for new standards and practices.

”This work represents a distillation of a large variety of use cases into a small set of scenarios that can be used to explore TE designs and key interfaces for standardization,” said Ron Melton, Chair of the Transactive Energy Coordination Group at SGIP. The group’s Secretary, David Holmberg, added, “Interoperable TE systems depend on common understanding and collaborative efforts enabled by this work. This will lead to more effective TE technologies available sooner to meet emerging critical grid needs.”

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