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Twenty-Six Electric Utilities Voluntarily Commit to Ambitious 2030 Carbon Reduction Targets

Smart Electric Power Alliance’s 2030 Club initiative will provide benchmarks and best practices for other utilities

September 21, 2023 (WASHINGTON, D.C.) — Today SEPA announced the 2030 Club to recognize twenty-six electric utilities across the country that have established the strongest near term voluntary carbon reduction targets. These utilities are committed to achieving at least an 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions or transitioning to a generation supply of at least 80 percent clean energy resources by 2030.

“These utilities are taking the lead in a serious effort to reduce carbon emissions and show that the hard work can be done if all commit to it together,” said Lakin Garth, Director, Research and Industry Strategy. “SEPA hopes that by recognizing their actions, we can help educate the industry on lessons learned, best practices, and actionable solutions that will help other utilities accelerate their transition to a carbon-free electric system,” he added.

SEPA will explore the characteristics that enabled these utilities to become early adopters and innovators in the utility carbon reduction arena, with the intention to provide benchmarking and best practices for utilities that are preparing to meet their own carbon-reduction targets. The members of the 2030 Club include large multi-state investor-owned utilities and local public power and electric cooperatives. They vary significantly in their business models, geographic location, size, and generation portfolios. The number of customers served ranges from roughly 8,000 to more than 5.5 million.


The 2030 Club aligns with SEPA’s new 5×25 initiative focusing on resilience, storage, transportation, emerging technologies and policy – five key areas to accelerate carbon reduction over the next two years. The 5×25 effort was formally announced by SEPA CEO Sheri Givens at RE+ on September 11, 2023.

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