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Two New White Papers:

New White Paper from Enbala: Value Staking—The key to monetizing energy storage

Enbala provides a platform for distributed energy resources (DER) and a balanced, renewable-friendly and fully-optimized grid, and the company recently released a new white paper, Value Staking. This resource reviews how one energy company stacked the values of storage plus load to cut its storage system payback in half.

 New White Paper from CMG: Presidential Victory Must Deliver Smart Grid and New Power Utility Business Models

What do the Presidential campaigns tell us about the future direction of legislation and regulation for the utility sector in general and Smart Grid in particular? In this paper, we examine the platforms of the presidential candidates, searching for common themes and common proposed initiatives on Power Utility issues and the Smart Grid. These could point to the prospect of bipartisan support and agreement across the houses of Congress and the new Administration for Power Utilities and Smart Grid measures. Regardless of the outcome in the presidential election, there are some aspects of Smart Grid in which there might exist some level of agreement and a reasonable prospect of legislative or regulatory adoption.