2023 Working Groups Virtual Open House On-Demand
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2023 Working Groups Virtual Open House On-Demand

We are excited to offer the recordings of our 2023 Working Group Virtual Open House on-demand. Learn more about the incredible communities available within your SEPA membership.

This is a great opportunity to gain insights into the different working group communities that help SEPA members thrive. You will hear from your peers who are actively involved in these groups, as they share their experiences and the positive impact they will have on contributing to the groups’ 2024 goals.


  • Who are the movers and shakers? An introduction to the Working Group.
  • How does the group help transition the energy industry to carbon-free? Goals, objectives and missions.
  • What resources are available to you? Key collaborations and discussion topics supported by the group.
  • Q&A Session

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Empowering Utility Transformation: Customer Programs, Energy Storage, EVs, and Microgrids Working Groups

Join us for an exciting event where we explore the intersection of Customer Programs, Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles (EV), and Microgrids. Discover how these four working groups are shaping and electrifying the future grid.

Shaping a Clean Energy Future: Grid Architecture and Transactive Energy

Dive into the heart of innovation at our open house. Learn about the latest developments in Grid Architecture and Transactional Energy, and how they are transforming the energy landscape with intention and a clear vision.

Ensuring Performance: Testing and Certification for a Connected Future

Join us as we showcase how Testing & Certification ensures standardization and reliability in the products and systems that shape our grid. See how this working group helps maintain quality through emphasis on interoperability.

Safeguarding Progress: Cybersecurity for a Modernized Grid

Protecting our developing grid is top priority. Join our Cybersecurity Open House to discover the critical role played by major cybersecurity developments in ensuring the integrity of connected systems.

2023 Working Groups Virtual Open House On-Demand