Electrification of Transportation Basic Training
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Electrification of Transportation Basic Training

Electrification of Transportation Basic Training

In this training, we explore the rapid electrification of the transportation sector, comparing the benefits and drawbacks of electric vehicles with their internal combustion counterparts. We discuss the reasons behind the accelerating growth rates and the evolution of the underlying technologies, including alternative approaches like hydrogen. This is a perfect option for industry professionals and regulatory staff who want a solid, basic understanding of this subject and how it fits into the energy landscape. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this two-hour training:

Hour 1: EV Growth, Technology Issues, and Customer Concerns

  • The Rise of Electric Vehicles
  • Implications of EVs for Utility Planning

Hour 2: Optimizing EVs: Policies and Planning Models

  • Maximizing EV Potential for an Efficient Grid
  • Effective Program Design
  • Regulatory Policies
  • Other Critical Concerns

We will delve into the lithium-ion battery chemistries and the challenges of integrating EVs with the power grid, covering topics such as different types of charging, vehicle-to-facility, and vehicle-to-grid capabilities. Finally, we examine the planning challenges and institutional changes required to safely and efficiently incorporate the increasing number of EVs into our power grids.

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Electrification of Transportation Basic Training

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