OpenFMB Next Steps June 2,2016

OpenFMB Next Steps June 2,2016

SGIP’s Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB™) is a fast-track, high-energy Priority Action Plan team dedicated to enabling grid edge interoperability between field devices via distributed intelligence.

During this webinar the two OpenFMB™ industry co-chairs discuss a short history of ground covered to date, the OpenFMB™ framework and the recently ratified NAESB standard. Our hosts will outline next steps for the OpenFMB™ PAP team including: next up use cases, enhancing OpenFMB™ cybersecurity and how to participate.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Energy Industry, utilities, member/nonmember, open to all

Presenters: Christopher Irwin, Dr. Stuart Laval, Stuart McCafferty, Aaron Smallwood