Smart Grid System Security with Broadcast Communications Webinar

Smart Grid System Security with Broadcast Communications Webinar

This webinar addresses the issue of cybersecurity for smart grid broadcast communications.

• It proposes that broadcast messages sent to home-based devices be authenticated as originating from a valid source.
• It explores practical methods of implementing security suitable for ensuring the integrity of messages for managing energy consumption including demand-response and presents a framework for broadcast communications security. Specific architectures and implementation designs are not addressed.
• It includes industry requirements and government guidelines primarily for cyber-security with some reference to physical security as well as a survey of counter-measures against various types of cyber-attacks.
This webinar presents the third SGIP white paper in a series on broadcast-based communication solutions for home-to-grid communications authored by the H/B/I2G DEWG (Home/Building/Industry-to-Grid-Domain Expert Working Group) of SGIP


Open to all


Dr. Kenneth Wacks, Management & Engineering Consultant
Jackson Wang, President and Chief Executive Officer, e-Radio Inc.