2017 Utility Energy Storage Market Snapshot

2017 Utility Energy Storage Market Snapshot

  • Year in review
  • Energy Storage Data
  • Policy and Organized Market Update

Energy Storage Insights, Directly from Utilities

SEPA is introducing our expanded annual survey efforts which includes, for the first time, energy storage deployment data. SEPA has collected survey responses from 115 utility respondents who serve 57% of the customer accounts in the country. The survey found that a  total of 207 megawatts (MW), 257 megawatt hours (MWh) was deployed in 2016. 

What’s in the report

  • Top 10 energy storage utility rankings by MW, MWh and Watts per Customer
  • 2016 U.S. energy storage market deployment by market segment and utility type
  • State Energy Storage commitments and incentive programs
  • Utility programs testing the capabilities of battery storage

Learn more about the Utility Transformation Survey, formerly the Annual Utility Survey. 

2017 Utility Energy Storage Market Snapshot

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