51st State Ideas I Reimagining the Utility (RMI)

51st State Ideas I Reimagining the Utility (RMI)

  • Changing needs in the power sector
  • Fundamental Questions Confronting the Utility Business
  • Options for the future utility and regulatory priorities to build the future market

RMI explores utility roles in the context of monopoly and platform business models

Reimagining the Utility: Evolving the Functions and Business Model of Utilities to Achieve a Low-carbon Grid

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) explores two extremes on a utility of the future spectrum: expanded monopoly services and transformed platform utility. Under the expanded monopoly scenario, the utility retains all traditional distribution-level functions, and owns or finances new assets and services, including DERs. The transformed utility would act as a neutral integrator, not owning any DERs. In both scenarios, RMI’s utility would represent something close to a distribution system operator, integrating new technologies and services. RMI also presents hybrids to these two extreme cases including utility procurement of third party services and utility competition with third parties.

Organization: Rocky Mountain Institute

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51st State Ideas I Reimagining the Utility Organization: Rocky Mountain Institute

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