51st State Ideas I A View from the 51st State of Radinau
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51st State Ideas I A View from the 51st State of Radinau

  • In the future grid, a utility's role will continue to include operation and maintenance to ensure safety and reliability
  • Opportunities exist for strategic third-party partnerships
  • Utilities will determine if distributed energy resources (DERs) are owned directly or by third parties

Utilities Benefit from Strategic Third Party Partnerships In the APPA’s vision of the 21st Century Utility

The American Public Power Association sees the utility’s role in the 51st State to include continued operation and maintenance of the grid, aligning with their traditional values of safety and reliability. The utility will retain customer billing and support responsibilities, with an opportunity for third party partnership as two-way power flow adds complexity to the grid. Utilities can also benefit from third party demand response programs and DER procurement. It will be up to utilities to decide whether third party or direct ownership of DERs makes sense.

Author: Paul Zummo, American Public Power Association (APPA)

This report was not written by or originated from any member of SEPA staff and SEPA does not endorse any opinions expressed in this paper.

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