Accelerating Adoption of Community Solar
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Accelerating Adoption of Community Solar

  • Community solar program design features that impact consumer participation
  • Consumer choice modeling applied to community solar
  • 4-step process for community solar program design

Effective Community Solar Program Design

Community solar is emerging as an attractive option for 85 percent of energy consumers who are either can’t or won’t install their own rooftop solar system. Utilities, in response to customer demand and regulatory requirements, identify community solar as an attractive option to satisfy and retain customers, while complying with various mandates.

What’s in the Report

This report, written in conjunction with the Pacific Consulting Group, uses a market research technique called survey-based consumer choice modeling to identify which program features and prices will be preferred by utility customers. The insight into market preferences takes the guesswork out of community solar planning and generally ensures that success of an initial program design. The report includes:

  • 4-step process to maximize success in designing, promoting and eventually evaluating a community solar program
  • Survey findings on community solar program design and communication
  • Market acceptance of a specific program design
  • Best communication approach for community solar marketing

To view the executive summary to this report, please click here.