Beyond the Meter: Recommended Reading for a Modern Grid

Beyond the Meter: Recommended Reading for a Modern Grid

  • Identifies key resources for a modern grid
  • What grid services DERs can provide
  • Valuation frameworks to evaluate DERs

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The Basics of Distributed Energy Resources for a Modern Grid

Written in collaboration between Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) Institute, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), and the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), this report presents a reading guide for the modern grid. Use the contents of this research to help you build a better understanding of key Distributed Energy Resource (DER) issues and opportunities and how DERs have the potential to:

  • Avoid infrastructure investments
  • Improve grid resilience
  • Increase integration of clean energy

What’s inside this report:

  • How different DERs impact distribution and bulk power systems including: energy, capacity, and ancillary services
  • Methodology for developing a thorough DER benefit-cost framework
  • Best-in-class resources for details about DER impact on planning, market design, operations, and oversight