Community Solar Program Design: Working Within the Utility

Community Solar Program Design: Working Within the Utility

  • Improve public understanding of community solar
  • Identify key steps and decisions to crafting a community solar program
  • Breakdown community solar program survey
  • Recognize future steps needed to increase prevalence of community solar in the future

Community Solar Program Design Basics

This report aims to expand public understanding of the different community solar model options and breaks down program design into 12 key decision points. The report includes the pros and cons of each option and what research and case study information supports one over another. Case studies of each model type, subscription rates, development times, and administrative costs of programs are examined at depth.

What’s in the Report?

This report is the first step in a larger community solar process by developing the basic structure of a program. The next two steps require market research to identify what customers want in a community solar program, and then to work with an individual utility to structure the program in a way that best meets utility and customer need.