Electromagnetic Compatibility and Smart Grid Interoperability Issues

Electromagnetic Compatibility and Smart Grid Interoperability Issues

  • Electromagnetic compatibility issues and standards
  • Immunity of smart grid devices to possible external electromagnetic interference
  • Recommendations to improve the ability of smart grid devices to interoperate as intended

Increasing the chances of smart grid devices withstanding electromagnetic disturbances

The reliable delivery of electric power to customers is the most obvious measure of how well a power grid is performing. A smart grid has the potential to improve the reliability of power delivery in many ways. Due to its increased complexity and reliance on technologies not previously incorporated into the existing grid, however, a smart grid also may be susceptible to factors that can negatively impact the reliability of power delivery. Some of these factors result from electromagnetic interference (EMI). A high degree of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) minimizes possible safety and performance failures due to EMI, whereas failure to take EMC into consideration significantly increases the probability of the system failing to operate as intended.

This report introduces EMC as an integral design consideration for devices used in smart grid operation. The report examines EMC issues for smart grid equipment on both the electric power system delivery and the customer sides of the meter. It is intended as a guide to apply documented EMC principles to better ensure the operation and interoperability of the smart grid in its intended electromagnetic environments.

What’s in the report

Review of smart grid EMC issues in distinct electromagnetic environments that span the electric power grid
Recommendations for EMC standards and testing
Strategies to maintain EMC as the smart grid evolves
Overview of threats and impacts from high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP), intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI), and extreme geomagnetic storm events

Electromagnetic Compatibility and Smart Grid Interoperability Issues