Embedding Equity in Utility Transformation

Embedding Equity in Utility Transformation

  • Explores key energy equity concepts with peer examples for utilities
  • Provides recommendations on how utilities are embedding equity into their clean energy plans

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Utilities face an unprecedented customer engagement challenge as they modernize the grid to meet carbon-reduction goals and manage pressures on customer rates. Utilities should focus on energy equity to improve customer engagement and enable the accelerated transformation to clean energy. Timely action is crucial to allow current and future generations to reap the benefits of utility transformation and to address ongoing disparities throughout all parts of the energy system.

Addressing equity is a complex and continual process. This industry brief looks through the lens of three equity components: structural, procedural, and distributional alongside peer examples and recommendations for utilities, regulators, state and federal offices to facilitate an equitable transition.

This industry brief is a collaborative effort driven by Yok Potts, Ann Collier, Brittany Blair, and many more. To read the full brief, please submit the form. 

Yok Potts Ann Collier Brittany Blair

Yok Potts, Director of Regulatory & Business Innovation

Ann Collier, Manager of Research and Industry Strategy

Brittany Blair, Senior Analyst of Research & Industry Strategy

Embedding Equity in Utility Transformation

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