Exelon’s Managed Charging Program

Exelon’s Managed Charging Program

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Managed charging programs play an important role as EV adoption continues to gain traction, and utilities across the country are conducting research and hosting pilots to learn how to maximize grid and customer benefits. In the summer of 2020, the U.S.Department of Energy (DOE) awarded funding to Exelon for three of their Maryland operating utilities—Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), Delmarva Power and Light (DPL) and Potomac Electric Power (Pepco)—to carry out their Smart Charge Management (SCM) pilot program. The objective of this project is to research, develop, and conduct a wide-scale demonstration of a utility SCM system to determine optimal managed charging structures for grid value, assess the impact of EV charging on local distribution utility operations, and evaluate the utilities’ ability to control EV charging load based on grid conditions.

The program seeks to:

  • Understand and reduce grid impacts of EV charging on the utility’s distribution and transmission systems
  • Lessen Exelon customers’ capital investment required to manage EV charging demand as EV ownership grows
  • Identify potential cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities of EVSEs and vehicle telematics software
  • Design managed charging plans for residential, commercial, and and public customers that can be shared industry-wide

Smart Electric Power Alliance

With Contributions from Project Partners:

Exelon Corporation

  • Joseph Picarelli, Jr, Principal Business Analyst, Utility of the Future, BGE
  • Stephanie Leach, Principal Business Analyst, Utility of the Future, BGE
  • Joshua Cadoret, Senior Project Manager, Smart Grid Programs, PHI

Argonne National Laboratory 

  • Nazib Siddique, Computational Analyst
  • Yan (Joann) Zhou, Principal Analyst and Group Manager
  • Sam Thurston, Engineering Associate, Transportation and Power Systems, (TAPS) Division
  • Roland Varriale, II, Cybersecurity Analyst, Strategic Security Sciences Division
  • Jason D. Harper, Principal Electrical Engineer, Transportation and Power Systems (TAPS) Division

Shell ReCharge Solutions

  • Yashi Lu, Manager, Product Management
  • Adrian Larnaud, Lead Technical Program Manager
  • Gregory Janedis, Technical Program Manager


  • Kimberly Goughnour, Program Manager
  • Rachel Robinson, Director of Utility Client Solutions
  • Sammy Nabahani, Solutions Engineer
  • Kendall Cody, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Joaquin Obieta, Senior Client Program Manager

This report is related to the work performed by Argonne National Laboratory (managed by UChicago Argonne LLC for the Department of Energy under contract DE-AC02-06CH11357) as part of Argonne-Exelon CRADA 16155.)

Exelon’s Managed Charging Program