GIS Mapping for Enhanced Utility Planning

GIS Mapping for Enhanced Utility Planning

  • This case study showcases the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to enhance distribution planning, customer initiatives, and grant pursuits.
  • GIS allows for a more nuanced understanding of service territories and enables targeted improvements.
  • Other stakeholders can draw on this example and leverage GIS to create more resilient, reliable, and equitable energy systems.

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), Clallam County Public Utility District (PUD), and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) leveraged Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in this innovative partnership. Clallam County PUD was able to visualize its infrastructure against a backdrop of socio-economic and environmental data, thereby identifying critical areas for investment and securing funding more effectively.

The introduction of enhanced GIS layering through our collaboration with SEPA and BEF enriches our strategic planning toolkit, offering a way to visualize and analyze our infrastructure within the context of socio-economic and environmental data. Looking ahead, it empowers us to make more informed decisions that are crucial for advancing toward a decarbonized and resilient grid.

Colin Young, Distribution System Supervisor for Clallam County PUD



Jared Leader, Sr. Director, Resilience, Smart Electric Power Alliance
Carolyn Dougherty, Sr. Analyst, Research & Industry Strategy, Smart Electric Power Alliance
Andrew Whiteman, Senior Manager, Resilience, Smart Electric Power Alliance
Carina Wallack, Manager, Editorial Content, Smart Electric Power Alliance

GIS Mapping for Enhanced Utility Planning