Lessons to Bring Home from SEPA’s 2023 Denmark Fact-Finding Mission

Lessons to Bring Home from SEPA’s 2023 Denmark Fact-Finding Mission

Each year, the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) organizes international fact-finding missions, The experience fosters learning and collaboration giving participants actionable ideas to bring back to the U.S. In 2023, a group of SEPA representatives and U.S. executives traveled to Denmark to learn about its clean energy transition. Danish experts gave an inside look at the country’s clean energy transition. SEPA’s new insight brief shares the lessons taken home from Denmark.

The insight brief includes key takeaways on:

  • Resource Efficiency and the Green Transition. Stakeholder engagement and industry collaboration can facilitate the green transition and pave the way for a resource-efficient country, decoupling Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth and energy consumption.
  • Public Stakeholder Trust and Societal Cohesion. Societal trust in the government and other citizens and access to public education reduce unnecessary barriers to the clean energy transition.
  • Power-to-X. Investments in offshore wind, energy hubs or islands, and green hydrogen infrastructure can foster economic development and the clean energy transition.
  • Reducing Corporate Carbon Footprints. Leveraging corporate partners with ambitious climate action goals supports investments in new  clean energy projects.
  • Energy Security. Global supply chain challenges, physical and cybersecurity threats, and energy market volatility impact grid planning and energy security in Denmark. Long-term sustainability policies and an emphasized focus on energy independence have largely contributed to the ongoing success of Denmark’s transition.
  • Grid Planning and Transmission-Distribution Coordination. Denmark recognizes it is crucial to plan for the future grid and fully leverage data and stakeholder engagement.

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Lessons to Bring Home from SEPA's 2023 Denmark Fact-Finding Mission

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