Local Grid Definitions

Local Grid Definitions

  • Definitions for terms related to local grid functionality
  • Key attributes of particular terms
  • Primary focus on systems internal to a single building or campus of adjacent buildings

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Defining terms related to local grids

Local grids are a topic of increasing interest, but the core terms are usually used with ambiguous and conflicting definitions, or none at all. This lack of clarity and consistency impedes discussions and progress towards developing grid architectures, creating needed technologies, and establishing good policies, such as interoperability standards.

This paper reviews key terms and definitions related to power distribution infrastructures in buildings (or campuses) that enable some local grid functionality (i.e., infrastructure separate from that operated by electric utilities). It also includes a discussion about the merits, implications, applications, and limitations of existing and alternate definitions and makes recommendations about which definitions are preferable.

What’s in the report

  • Definitions (and sources of definitions) for microgrid, nanogrid, picogrid, power distribution, local grid, milligrid, and minigrid
  • Other terms and sources
  • Implications for technology and policy

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