PAP06 UML Meta Model and EDL White Paper

PAP06 UML Meta Model and EDL White Paper

  • Translates the ANSI C12.19 data model to more common form
  • Promotes smart grid interoperability
  • Can reduce the costs of integrating large‐scale systems that use ANSI C12.19

Producing an understandable model of the ANSI C12.19 meter data model

The smart grid requires interoperation between meters and many other applications and services. The existence of data representation in forms unique to single actors is problematic and requires complex gateways for translation and information sharing. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) C12.19 end device data model organizes the data and operating criteria to be conveyed into and out of defined end devices (e.g., a meter or a control point).

This paper presents a representation of the ANSI C12.19 data model using Unified Modeling Language (UML). The UML model is understandable and represents a modeling style similar to those in use in various smart grid standards. The model should enable industry stakeholders to translate from the ANSI C12.19 data model to a common form that will more readily allow comparison and harmonization with end device models under other standards.

What’s in the report

Overview of the ANSI C12.19 standard and models
Introduction to UML
UML‐based model constructed from the C12.19 standard, presented as a Meta Model and a Data Model
Overview of going from C12.19 standard syntax to UML by generating an End Device Exchange Language (EDL) schema
Recommendations and conclusions

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