Putting Smart Grid Systems to the Test

Putting Smart Grid Systems to the Test

  • Importance of testing smart grid systems and devices
  • Making well-informed technology selections
  • Controlling costs and risks associated with new technology introduction and integration

Testing smart grid devices to promote interoperability

System and device testing is a critical foundation for ensuring interoperability of smart grid deployments. Grid and system balance may hinge upon rigorous testing of technology to meet interoperability requirements.

This white paper aims to help smart grid stakeholders understand the critical role of testing in the decision-making process for new technologies and services, the cost and time-saving benefits of testing, the role of testing in helping to ensure consumer expectations are satisfied, and the different types of testing programs used. This paper can also help smart grid stakeholders establish practices and ask questions that enhance the technical information available for making decisions about product selection.

What’s in the report

  • Critical role of testing
  • Costs of testing
  • Types of test programs
  • Basic options for product selection staff
  • Essentials for setting test result expectations for technology selection

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