Renovate Solution Set

Renovate Solution Set

  • Set of practical tools for regulators to address challenges of emerging technologies.
  • A guide for regulators seeking ready-to-implement solutions.
  • Curated practices and processes that can be adapted to varied states and regulatory frameworks/approaches/philosophies .

Smooth the Regulatory Journey for Innovation with the Renovate Solution Set.

The Renovate Solution Set addresses an earnest desire of all stakeholders seeking a clean and modern grid: to create a smoother, quicker and less costly transition to the future. In this solution set, experienced practitioners have organized tried and tested solutions according to four regulatory problems that pose challenges for the industry:

  1. People and knowledge: the steep learning curve for new technologies and operating practices lengthens and complicates the regulatory decision-making process.
  2. Managing risk and uncertainty: questions the capabilities, benefits and costs of new technologies and operating models make it difficult for regulators to apply traditional “prudent, used and useful” principles.
  3. Managing increased rate of change: the current rate of innovation outpaces regulatory processes.
  4. Complexity of objectives: the expanding definition of what it means to serve the public interest makes it increasingly difficult for regulators to balance objectives to ensure clean, safe, affordable and reliable electricity service for customers.

A Regulatory Tool Developed by Trusted Practitioners

The Renovate Solution Set is designed for regulatory practitioners. It has been reviewed by a wide cross-section of trusted and respected industry practitioners with extensive regulatory experience addressing challenges such as the adoption of innovative technologies and operating practices.

Renovate Task Force:

  • Regulators from Illinois, Ohio,  Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin
  • Legislators from Nevada and Washington
  • Consumer Advocates from Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire
  • State Energy Offices
  • Utility Executives from American Electric Power, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Exelon Utilities, National Grid and Southern Company
  • Investors
  • Competitive Solution Providers E.On, EVgo, Landis & Gyr and Oracle.  For the full list see

Renovate Partners:

Renovate Solution Set Renovate Solution Set Renovate Solution Set Renovate Solution Set Renovate Solution Set
Renovate Solution Set Renovate Solution Set Renovate Solution Set Renovate Solution Set Renovate Solution Set
Renovate Solution Set

A Resource of the Renovate Initiative

This solution set is a part of the larger set of tools from the Renovate Initiative. This initiative helps commissions improve their regulatory process and foster innovation by addressing four obstacles: people and knowledge; managing risk and uncertainty; managing increased rate of change, and complexity of objectives. To learn more about the Renovate Initiative and its other tools, click here.

Solutions Set: Identifying Promising Practices, Processes And Structure

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