Selling Out 1.55 MW of Community Solar in 7 Weeks: Inside the City of Fremont, Nebraska<span src=

Selling Out 1.55 MW of Community Solar in 7 Weeks: Inside the City of Fremont, Nebraskas Community Solar Program

How Did a Small Town in Nebraska Sell Out It’s Community Solar Farm in 7 weeks?

Few think of rural towns as the perfect case study for community solar, but they don’t know Fremont, Nebraska. The town has a long history of environmental stewardship and latent demand for renewable energy. When Brian Newton arrived in Fremont as the new Utility General Manager, he set about discussing the possibility of a community solar farm for his customers. Through a series of public meetings, Brian was able to launch, and twice expand, the community solar farm within seven weeks. This case study lays out the principles and tactics Newton undertook to ensure the 1.55 MW community solar farm was a success.

Strategies for Success

By ensuring both customer concerns and needs were addressed, Fremont’s utility was able to design a program for customers who wished to purchase the individual solar panels and for those who were just interested in purchasing the power the panels generated. Hands-on customer service, multiple community outreach efforts and a seamless registration process all helped Fremont reach its goals.

Based on in-depth interviews with citizens of Fremont, this case study will help you understand the importance of knowing your customer concerns and needs in constructing a community solar program. It also includes a short discussion about the value of community solar to Fremont’s commercial and industrial customers.

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Find out more about the community solar farm in Freemont, Nebraska by watching this YouTube video.


Selling Out 1.55 MW of Community Solar in 7 Weeks

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