Solar Fundamentals Volume 2: Markets

Solar Fundamentals Volume 2: Markets

  • Solar deployment overview
  • Detailed breakdown of pricing
  • Examination of policy on solar adoption
  • Market dynamic on solar adoption

Solar Industry Introduction

This report is the second in a two-part series of publications that the Smart Electric Power Alliance* (SEPA) produced in 2015 to provide a broad introduction to the solar industry, including a discussion of different drivers influencing the U.S. solar market, an update on the current state of the U.S. market, a summary of project financing options, and an overview of solar integration challenges.

What’s in the Report?

This report introduces solar markets, the amount of solar built to date, how solar is currently distributed, and factors contributing to the recent growth in solar. Solar has catapulted from a minor energy resource to the fastest growing energy resource in the U.S. in a very short time. As solar becomes more cost-competitive, SEPA anticipates this trend will continue into the future.

*formerly Solar Electric Power Association