Testing and Conformance Framework Development Guide

Testing and Conformance Framework Development Guide

  • Smart grid testing and certification framework
  • Suite of requirements and rules that key actors must implement to achieve interoperability
  • Valuable for all industry stakeholders involved in ensuring an interoperable smart grid

Developing a smart grid standards ecosystem to ensure interoperability

Testing and certification activities for smart grid devices and systems are an essential element in ensuring smart grid interoperability. Conformance and interoperability assessments rely on standards, standardized test methods, and processes to ensure consistent application and repeatability of testing programs used for verification.

This document is a development guide for creating a comprehensive framework and action plan for a smart grid standards testing, conformity, and certification ecosystem. It provides high-level guidance, core principles, and desired outcomes for the framework. The document also describes the many challenges and issues to be considered and addressed in building comprehensive testing and certification programs that will enable seamless interoperability between the components of the smart grid.

What’s in the report

  • Framework goals and universe of standards for consideration
  • Terms and definitions to facilitate clear understanding of the problem
  • Roles and responsibilities of key actors, including standards organizations, hardware and software vendors, test labs, purchasers and users of smart grid products and services, and federal, state, and local government and regulatory agencies and legislatures
  • Major workflows to develop a framework for smart grid conformance and interoperability testing