The Microgrid Playbook: Community Resilience for Natural Disasters
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The Microgrid Playbook: Community Resilience for Natural Disasters

  • Microgrid services and value streams based on utility, community and customer perspectives
  • Microgrid and resilience strategies against natural disaster
  • Microgrid deployment to increase community resilience against natural disaster
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In 2019, 14 natural disasters in the US  each caused over $1 billion in damages. Resilience is a must-have, with utilities and governments using microgrids to power critical systems and integrate distributed energy resources.

Utilities and government agencies can download this playbook for a holistic microgrid and resilience plan that considers all stakeholders. SEPA outlines the best strategies for three natural disaster scenarios: earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires as well as an adaptable 5-step planning approach.

Learn more in The Microgrid Case Studies: Community Resilience for Natural Disasters.

This report includes:

  • Stakeholder perspectives of microgrid services and values of resilience
  • Strategies for deploying microgrids and keeping them online during earthquakes,  hurricanes, and wildfires
  • A 5-step approach for utilities and governments to deploy microgrids for resilience against natural disasters
  • Comparison of the SEPA 5-step approach to other published resilience planning processes.
  • Recommendations for microgrid resilience strategies and mitigating risk against natural disasters

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