The State of Bidirectional Charging in 2023

The State of Bidirectional Charging in 2023

Bidirectional charging has significant potential in transforming how consumers view and use their electric vehicles (EVs). Bidirectional charging allows EVs to become a flexible resource for power systems that act as both a flexible load and an energy resource, which creates new revenue and grid services value streams for customers and utilities alike. However, the bidirectional charging industry is in the early stages of transitioning to a commercial product ready for mass-market adoption, and at this time, challenges and barriers to implementing bidirectional charging at scale remain.

The Smart Electric Power Alliance’s (SEPA) report “The State of Bidirectional Charging in 2023”, explores the state of the industry and includes:

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Brittany Blair, Senior Analyst—Research & Industry Strategy, Smart Electric Power Alliance
Garrett Fitzgerald, Senior Director—Electrification, Smart Electric Power Alliance

The State of Bidirectional Charging in 2023