Tiers of Electricity Decarbonization

Tiers of Electricity Decarbonization

  • Action is needed now to reduce carbon emissions
  • Numerous strategies exist for carbon reduction but they differ in impact and ease of implementation
  • Entities should use this framework when developing or reviewing a carbon reduction plan

Carbon reduction is complex. This framework can help you shape your approach.

To address the impacts of climate change, the U.S. has set a goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy-wide by 2050. Utilities, service providers, users, grid operators, government bodies, and more are already taking action to reduce the electric system’s carbon emissions. However, not all carbon reduction actions are created equal when it comes to impact or ease of implementation. Neither is there a one-size-fits-all solution for all entities. How do you build an actionable plan, given this complexity? Download this report to identify carbon reduction actions with the greatest impact, based on an entity’s objectives, context, and characteristics.

What’s included

  • Four dimensions for assessing carbon reduction impacts, including actor types, objectives, context, and actions
  • An analysis of actions and strategies for decarbonization with information on impact and ease of action
  • Illustrative examples of applying the framework.
  • A worksheet to use with the framework to create a list of decarbonization actions, tiered by impact
  • Definitions to create a shared understanding

Five steps to a tiered plan

Create a list of decarbonization actions, tiered by carbon reduction impact.

Step 1: Identify their actor type(s).
Step 2: List their mission-critical objectives.
Step 3: Questions to help an entity identify their relevant context.
Step 4: List all potential decarbonization actions and strategies. (The worksheet provides a starter list to which an entity can add.)
Step 5: Further research and analysis, focusing on actions having potentially “high relative carbon reduction impacts” in Step 4

Tiers of Electricity Decarbonization

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