Transportation Electrification Planning Framework

Transportation Electrification Planning Framework

  • How to build consensus early in your strategic planning process
  • Seven critical steps of a utility-specific strategic plan
  • Things you can do right now for strategy development

Building a Utility-Specific Strategic Plan for Transportation Electrification

Electric vehicles are a major opportunity for utilities. A strategic plan is vital to maximize value and ensure success. Program design and customer solutions without a well designed plan creates missteps and frustration for both utility staff and their customers.

Utilities of all sizes and types can use this seven-step framework to create a plan from scratch, or browse each step to refine an existing plan.

Download this framework for a step-by-step guide with the essential components to build a transportation electrification strategic plan.

Why do utilities need a holistic plan?

  • Greater awareness of the challenges, opportunities, and benefits of TE to all stakeholders, including customers.
  • Improves the use of the existing grid, and promotes efficient and cost-effective system upgrades.
  • Ensures compliance with city, state, and federal carbon reduction policies and objectives.

What’s included:

  • Seven critical steps of a utility-specific strategic plan
  • Recommendations and best practices at each step
  • Key questions to consider at each step
  • Near-term activities for strategy development
  • Relevant case studies and additional resources organized at each step

Download the executive summary