Utilities and Electric Vehicles: Evolving to Unlock Grid Value

Utilities and Electric Vehicles: Evolving to Unlock Grid Value

  • Analysis based on utility electric vehicle (EV) program and activity data collected for nearly 500 U.S. utilities
  • EV regulatory data analysis collected from over 70 regulatory dockets
  • Analytic framework for establishing maturity of utility EV activity

Finding A Path Forward for Utility EV Activities & Programs

Based on recently updated electric vehicle (EV) forecasts, electricity consumption will grow from a few terawatt-hours (TWh) a year in 2017 to around 118 TWh by 2030 (Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance). While utilities have proven their ability to adapt and innovate, the findings of our latest EV report show many utilities may be unprepared for this sudden change in load growth. The information and tools in this report will help utilities and their partners find a path forward.

What’s in the report

Using data from over 486 utilities (approx. 70% of total US customer accounts) and analysis of over 70 EV-related state regulatory dockets, this report provides:

  • A first-of-its-kind analytical framework for establishing the maturity of utility EV activity
  • 14 types of utility EV programs and activities categorized into early, intermediate, and late stages
  • An overview of regulatory decisions regarding utility investments in EV charging infrastructure
  • Recommendations for strategic utility planning on EVs
  • Regulatory analysis and regional trends from over 70 EV-related regulatory dockets

After data collection and detailed analysis, SEPA found that 75% of utilities were in the earliest stages of EV program development. Now is the perfect time to act, and given forecasts it’s important for these utilities to work with peers, and others in the industry, to develop a robust EV strategy and identify strategies to leverage EVs as a grid asset. These efforts will better prepare utilities and equip them with the knowledge and technologies needed to unlock value.

Additional Member Benefit

SEPA members can access the dataset by clicking here and logging in to the EStore. This dataset includes the list of utilities included in the analysis, the total number of programs and activities identified by stage for each utility, and the identified utility stage.

Utilities and Electric Vehicles: Evolving to Unlock Grid Value

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