Welcome to the 51st State – A Collaborative Community for Defining the Future of the Electric Power Sector.

Let’s Get to Work Creating the 51st State.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves. Engage with the 51st State community, rethink old norms, try new approaches, and apply the 51st state framework to your everyday work.

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Support the Community

We’re looking for innovative and collaborative organizations who are willing to lend their support to 51st State Community activities and programs. From 51st State Salons to the 51st State Governor’s Club, there are many ways to lend your support.

Become a 51st State Ambassador

One of the easiest ways to be involved in the 51st State is to help raise awareness. Whether you’re hosting a company brown bag or planning your next speaking engagement, use our 51st State Event & Speaker Toolkit to help you spread the word about this transformational initiative.

Use the 51st State Framework

The 51st State Framework is flexible, adaptable, and a great way to facilitate productive conversations within your community and company about local and regional electric sector transformation. Download the framework and use it in your local and regional programs to help create tangible movement towards and clean and modern electric future.