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Since 1992, we have been helping utilities make smart distributed energy choices and assisting technology companies in demonstrating their expertise and building relationships. Our strength lies within the diversity of our community, so whether you focus on solar, storage, demand response or other grid-enabling technologies, you will always have a seat at the table with SEPA.

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  • Build Your Network
    Connect with your peers and customers through staff-facilitated introductions, our member directory and in-person networking events around the country.
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    Our members are the first to know about opportunities to speak at industry events or webinars and we are always open to collaboration on SEPA research.
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    Through social media, our blog, members-only newsletters and members-only educational opportunities, we deliver to latest in education, thought leadership and research.

Our Members

Over 1,100 members rely on SEPA as an unbiased and knowledgeable provider of research, education and industry collaborations.


SEPA provides a trusted platform for education, research and collaboration to help our members deploy and integrate solar, storage, demand response and other grid-enabling technologies. By staying neutral on technologies and policies, we help you get the right information to the right people. Membership also provides access to:

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