Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I create an account?

Watch a tutorial on how to create an account.

Click here, and then use your business email of the organization that is a SEPA member. Next click “verify email” and enter the other information.

2. How can I access my benefits?

Simply sign in to your account here, or if you don’t have an account yet you can make one here. After signing in, discounts will be applied to webinars, on-demand webinars, and conferences. To see all of the benefits of being a member, click here.

3. Is my company a member of SEPA?

If you have an account, you will already be seeing discounts on webinars and conferences. If you don’t have an account, you can register as a new user here using your organization’s email (ex: [email protected]) and see if you are receiving benefits. Alternatively, you can email Fatima Barrie at [email protected].

4. How many people at my organization can have accounts?

SEPA always extends its membership organization-wide, so there is no limit.

5. When I register for a webinar it still says it will cost $199.

Please sign in to your account with the button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Then refresh the page. Once successfully signed in the webinar price should be $0.

6. I read a report or watched a webinar and I have further questions. How do I follow up?

Reach out to Member Associate at [email protected] and he will connect you with the right person.

7. How do research/data requests work?

Email [email protected] and a member of our research team would be happy to help you.

8. What type of discounts do I get to conferences?

Discounts differ and are subject to change but typically you can expect a $500 discount as a member to Utility Conference and up to $250 discount to RE+ Events.

9. What is a Working Group and how do I join one?

Watch a tutorial on how to join.
The working groups are technology based groups that work together to develop clear solutions to today’s challenges with results-focused work. Follow this link and click on the group you’re interested in. The page includes directions on what you need to do next.


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