Home Building and Industry to Grid Working Group

Our Work

The Home/Building/Industry-to-Grid Working Group (HBI) focuses on elements of the electric grid that extend beyond the meter into customer premises.
The group seeks seamless interoperability between energy service providers and premises equipment involved in energy management. Premises equipment may include distributed energy resources with generation and storage capabilities for “prosumers”: consumers who also produce power. In addition to developing white papers, the HBI reviews standards, specifications, and reports of candidates for the SEPA Catalog of Standards.
HBI also works to evaluate and address interoperability needs at the interface of the grid to the commercial and industrial customer. The group provides guidance on Building and Industrial customer interoperability issues and perspectives and to enable commercial and industrial facilities to participate actively in the Smart Grid via energy markets and demand response, as well as perform effective energy conservation and management
HBI members reflect a balance of utilities, utility equipment suppliers, consumer product developers, and trade associations. The group has written papers on the following topics:

  • Home-to-grid requirements
  • Implementing interoperability
  • Protection of consumer privacy
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Appliance interface requirements
  • Modular Communications Interface (now an American National Standard, ANSI/CTA-2045)
  • Installation of energy management equipment
  • Large scale production of appliances responsive to energy management
  • Broadcast communications for energy management
  • Local grid terminology
  • Transactive energy (overview, tariffs, use cases)
  • The energy services interface between grids and premises
  • Energy storage for commercial and industrial facilities

Get Involved

Member Chair: Dr. Ken Wacks
Member Vice Chair: Vacant
Staff Lead: Aaron Smallwood (SEPA)
For information or to get involved, contact asmallwood@sepapower.org