Member Working Groups

What Is a SEPA Member Working Group?

Working groups meet virtually monthly or quarterly and offer SEPA members the opportunity to develop clear solutions to today’s challenges around distributed energy resources, including:

  • Special guest speaker at conference sessions, workshops, and webinars.
  • Co-authorship of research publications and blog posts.
  • Co-produce presentations

What Do Working Groups Do?

SEPA working groups are designed to give members an active role in results-focused work. The goal is to forward specific technologies and how they relate to the evolving electric sector.

Working groups provide value to members through facilitated investigation and discussion of a specific technology or industry trend as identified by SEPA members.


Ready to Get Involved?

Each working group is a volunteer effort and participants are asked to set aside time to attend scheduled meetings and review work products as requested by the working group Chair or staff lead. The members of each working group collaborate with staff to determine the actions that will be taken by the working group subject to certain guidelines.

If you have questions or suggestions about SEPA’s working groups, please contact Jenny Senff at (202) 753-8782 or